21 May 2009

More early reports

Trout continues broadcasting what little information American news agencies had in the early morning hours of June 6:

"The German-controlled Calais radio came on the air today with this announcement in the English language: 'This is D-Day.  We shall now bring music for the Allied Invasion Forces.'  

Up to this time, almost an hour and  a half from the first German broadcast, the United States Office of War Information, whose facilities will be used by American press organizations when Allied Armies enter western Europe, has not transmitted any information at all to support the German claims.  Director Elmer Davis of the OWI rushed to his headquarters immediately when OWI officials advised him of the broadcast from Germany.  He told the United Press: 'We have no more information than you have.  I'll stay here until I find out whether the story is true or not.'"

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