24 May 2009

Trout continues, still no confirmation from the Allies

Trout goes on, still with no official word from Allied headquarters:  "That is about the entire story as far as we know it at the moment.  At this point, there's no way in which any of us can know whether there's even a faint spark of truth behind this German story.  We don't know .  But there are several bits of evidence suggesting that the Germans are trying some kind of trick."  At this point, Trout takes the listener on a tour of the CBS studios, trailing his microphone cable.  He stops at a Brown teletype printer and reads a report from Reuter, the British news agency, about a directive issued from Allied Supreme Command specially addressed to all Frenchmen living at least within 35 km of the coast:  "The air war has entered upon a new phase.  You will be warned an hour before an attack.  Leaflets will be dropped by Allied planes.  As soon as you get the warning, go to your domicile and go at least 2 kilometers from it in to the open country.  2) Take along only what you can easily carry. 3) Keep off all roads, railways lines and bridges. 4) Do not form groups which could be mistaken for troop concentrations."  

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