19 May 2009

Early, unconfirmed D-Day announcements continued

"Now here’s what Trans Ocean, one of the German news agencies, says: ‘Early this morning landing craft and light warships were observed in the area between the mouth of the Somme* and Eastern coast of Normandy.’ The Trans Ocean broadcast, still unconfirmed,  concludes this way: ‘the long-expected Anglo-American invasion appears to have begun.’

The German broadcast on the long-expected invasion by the Allies were [sic] relayed both to North America and to Germans in the Homeland.  Germans at home were told by DMB's domestic broadcast at dawn in Europe."

*later corrected, without comment, to "Seine." 


The Village Carpenter said...

You're a nerd.

hee hee

naomi said...

Not sure if you're into the romantics (and this is a bit sick), but it's history...

Presbyfruit's History Bits said...

Thanks!! it was a bit grisly but I do have a sick fascination with that sort of thing. And Byron's hot.

naomi said...

If you think Byron's hot, check out Blake:

(not sure what happened to the before pic)

Presbyfruit's History Bits said...

Naomi, that is an awesome blog. I love the photoshopping.