17 May 2009

Trout, continued

"It's now almost 2 and a half hours since the Germans first broadcast their claims that what they called the Allied invasion had begun.  There's no confirmation from any Allied source and the Germans are not telling this story to their own people;  that's very important.  General Eisenhower's spokesman has made no official statement.  The War Department in Washington says it has no information about any invasion operations. The Office of War Information is silent.  In short, there's no reason to believe the continuing German reports of an Allied invasion.  Continuing reports from the Berlin Radio say that heavy fleets of Allied bombers are attacking Dunkirk and Calais.  The Oslo Radio Network appears to have gone off the air.  And the Luxembourg Radio claims that Allied aircraft are approaching Southern Germany.  Meanwhile, in Great Britain, the British Radio has broadcast a warning to the peoples of the occupied countries that a new phase of the air war has started.  The British announcement says that occupants of coastal towns will be notified by the leaflets dropped from planes when they are to be attacked.  The notices may come as little as an hour before the attack and the inhabitants are warned to leave their towns instantly without waiting to take baggage or any possessions.  In addition the inhabitants of the 22-mile belt along the invasion coast have been warned to leave as soon as possible in preparation for this new and drastic phase of the aerial bombardment. Butt, as yet, there is no word that any warning leaflets have been dropped on any towns within the so-called invasion area. This is merely an advance warning of things to come."

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