12 June 2009

Chicken Soup Radio Spot

I was listening to an episode of The Campbell Playhouse, the radio show Orson Welles and John Houseman produced just after the infamous "War of the Worlds" Mercury Theatre debacle. The Playhouse ran from 1938-1940 and was sponsored by Campbell's Soup. This is an example of an ad that ran in the middle of the show. Imagine the 30's diction and cadence of the speaker. My own editorial comments are in brackets.

"The time was, and it was not so long away, when chicken was a rare and special treat [chicken? rare?]. What magic the words "chicken for dinner" conjured up in our young minds and how we looked forward to these great events. With proud gusto Father [his work never ended] would dexterously separate wings and legs and then carve tender white slices from the breast, while each of us silently prayed to be granted his special favorite part. And then on the second day there came another treat. The remaining meat in the carcass [ewww] went into Mother's soup kettle to be simmered slowly, seasoned gently and served forth as a supper-time delight. Today if you have wistful memories of that glorious home chicken soup, then Campbell's chicken soup is just made for you. Because Campbells' chefs follow faithfully the good home recipe, only changing it to made an even better soup. They use, for example, all the good meat of the chickens, fine plump chickens they are too, such as you'd choose proudly for your own table [again, ewww]. Such chicken soup with snowy rice and tender chicken pieces is a special treat indeed, but one you may enjoy on any day. Your grocer has Campbell's Chicken Soup and it's yours for the asking. Remember Campbell's Chicken Soup."


The Village Carpenter said...

Why don't you serve me forth some damn supper time delight once in a while? Huh?

Presbyfruit's History Bits said...

I can't serve you chicken because we don't have anyone to carve it in this house.

The Village Carpenter said...

That was Snow Mizer cold.